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Spring SessionMarch 20- May 8 2018

Tuesdays 7-9 pm  Six weeks

Oldham County Schools Arts Center

502-241-6018 for information and registration



What if you were an artist?  A life artist?  As a life artist, you will be introduced to the delightful, creative tools of journaling.  Take the story of your life experiences and dreams and create your piece of beauty.  Discover your unique journaling style.  Are you ready to do some heart work on paper? 

---Coach Sharon McWilliams, MED, CLC



Come journaling with Coach Sharon.  Touch the essence of your soul, your spirit!  Use this lovely playful small adventure  of slowing down to connect with your emotions, your intuition.


A retreat moment where you can discover and explore through writing, painting,& collaging your creativity and  your Wise Woman essence.  Do you remember her?  Do you remember her dreams, her yearnings? 


”Our creative dreams and yearnings come from a divine source.  Moving toward our dreams, we move toward our divinity.”

 ---Julia Cameron The Artist’s Way

Read wise women comments about the last retreat:

"I wasn't sure what this was going to be like.  But I will tell you, it's the best 3 hours I have spent in a long time.  And I really liked the intimate homey environment. I amazed myself with remembering things I had forgotten about myself. I liked the hands on which made my journal more a part of me. "
--SG, small business organic gardening
  Louisville KY area


"This retreat was way more than I expected.  Playing with intuition and synchronicity was quite surprising.  I had fun.  I just laughed out loud.  And I had actual quiet time to myself with my journal."

--M.A.A.  counselor/elder care Lexington KY area


"I don't often connect with women's groups. My passion is working with horses.

It was great to share in this nice setting, a great getaway for me.  Coach Sharon was so easy to connect with! It was neat and my journal is cool."

---R.A.R. Louisville KY area

Come journal with me!  You can do this!





               Mother, sing me a song

                               That will ease my pain,

                               Mend broken bones,

                Bring wholeness again.

                Catch my babies

                When they are born.

                Sing my death song. 

                Teach me how to mourn.


                Show me the medicine

                Of the healing herbs,

                The value os spirit,

                The way I can serve.

                Mother, heal my heart 

                So that I can see

                The gifts of yours 

                That can live through me.

                           ----native american healing prayer



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