About Us!


Dearest Wise Woman,

I do realize this isn’t your usual “About Us” page. Just bear with me here.  The term 'wise woman' is one you need to get used to. It's who you are, no matter what anyone says, including your little ego. I am going to throw out some descriptors that may make you a little uncomfortable because they are so beautiful.  They describe the essence of who you are really.  The essence of the Wise Woman carries high vibrational energy just waiting for you to acknowledge and open the door for that essence to emerge.

This energy penetrates deep into your Wise WomanSoul where a beautiful inner peace, charged with courage, strength and the healing power of the Divine Feminine rests.  Once you arrive, you will have remembrances of the beauty of the Wise WomanSoul qualities so long forgotten: peace, love, joy...healing, forgiveness, understanding, Wisdom...harmony,balance...prosperity & abundance...gratitude, Grace...

all wrapped in compassionate playfulness. 

Your Wise Woman essence brings out the 'healer, lightworker, wayshower, peacemaker & channel of grace' energies.  The Wise Woman walks the labyrinth deep into her soul and rests in that center, known as the Rose (also the name for Mother Mary). She operates and lives her life from this magnificent center!

So where does all this leave us?  Just read further....

You see, life just doesn’t fit in one little neatly wrapped package anymore, does it? At least my life didn’t, hasn’t, and doesn’t---what about yours? Do you have a lot of years under your belt?  babyboomer, midlife, perimenopause, menopause…goes on and on and on. Or you may be a worn out mama with little ones or adolescents and absolutely running on empty....

I will share with you I became really fatigued with living on the surface of my life, doing the same ol’, same ol’ over and over and over again, running on my self-made hamster wheel, doing a big ‘work til you drop 'cause you can do it all, Superwoman’ until one day, I fell off or did I jump?…not certain, but it doesn’t matter nowanyway---are you there yet? Are you with me?  Does this  sound familiar?

I will share with you it was a little scary at first. Everything changed…and I mean everything… the way I did things or didn’t anymore, my daily routine, my weeks and weekends, all my relationships including the one with myself,, my husband, my family, my career, my outlook, my demeanor, my focus, my courage even spoke up---where are your courage muscles right now? “Take risks,” my courage muscles whispered, “you must to survive!

And, my family wasn’t happy at first with all the changes that were thrown at them….you know that old saying, “When mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy?  Does that ring a bell for you? Well, for the most part my family recovered, even having to take on a few more chores, a little more responsibility than the old status quo! And, they found when I was happy, that happiness was contagious!  

You see, I was observing my mentors, the important women in my life--- my mama, my mom-in-law, my grandmothers, and my grand-in-laws, my lifelong friends and their mothers and grandmothers. And I was watching my own little girls, my daughters growing up…what and who was I to be for them?   I was so sad at what I saw had happened to many of these sweet women…lost their dreams  due to societal expectations, illness, loss, etc.  Have you experienced any of this?

 I then decided I had no choice but to take a long hard look at myself right in that bathroom mirror under bright lights (whew! have you been there yet?) and ask some powerful yet painful questions because I not only felt, but knew in my heart and in my soul that if I didn’t change,  I would die inside…what would that leave for my daughters, for my daughters’ daughters ---have you ever felt this way?

So here are the culprit questions that changed everything for me:

1. What do I really, really want for the rest of

    my life?

2. Who do I need to be to do that?

3. What will hold me back?

These 3 simple (or not!) questions catapulted me into a journey on a most difficult but beautiful path I never thought I would go…and it wasn’t easy, because, like my daddy used to tell me, I was so hardheaded!  I had to really work at letting some deep, old habits go.  I had to rewrite my story. I had to go deeper and deeeeeper and deeeeeeeeperrrrrrr into some uncomfortable places, observing and evaluating what I had become and knowing it was either make those changes, or live an unlived life. 

Because of that journey, I now offer you a great journey of your own!  Take a look at just some of the benefits you’ll receive (You see, this page really is about us, after all!):


  • Meeting your true self essence through visualization (sound Greek to you?)
  • Creating a retreat space for your true self inside and out (who is that true self?)
  • Walking the labyrinth (where thousands of years of wisdom remind you of what you know).
  • The power of journaling…it’s not what you thought
  • Remembering what you really like to do
  • Discover and explore your life purpose  and passion
  • Living from within…(what does that mean?)
  • Making conscious choices that honor you with the life balance wheel.
  • Working and creating with Spirit…yours!
  • Working and creating with the angels….yours!
  • Learning how to heal yourself with EFT (this is neat!)
  • Learning energy release work for your bodies (Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual)
  • How to be in the silence (yes, you can get there.)
  •  How to see miracles  (they are already happening to you)
  •  How to listen for guidance  (Listening & hearing are two different things, you know.)
  •  Living fully as a wise woman---you have earned this right!
  •  Working with your chakras (there is more to you than meets the eye.)
  •  Making your own toolkit….God didn’t put you here without one!
  •  Create a mandala (arts and crafts time) that represents your multifaceted spirit self
  •  Rewrite your story…one you like and live by it.
  •  Discover the power of nature, the power of the breath, the power of a gentle walk.
  •  Explore the power of sound and healing music
  •  Explore the healing power of color
  •  Learn a simple test to see what’s good for you (or not!)
  •   Discover your ‘grand’ mother wit…you have it!
  •   Find out the real secret of menopause, the brain and being over fifty.


Whoa---let’s stop here….yes, there’s more…but I want to share with you some modalities that I use with you as we improvise together in our retreat space.  I have learned so many different ways of working with release work, retreating, discovery, and experiencing the fullness of real living:

I combine life coaching skills with Reiki (Usui/Tibetan and Karuna), which makes for a very powerful spiritual undergarment to wear while we explore what you want and need in your life now as a wise woman soul.  I teach you how to fish! ( Well, I was raised Southern Baptist --- I just took that little song ‘this little light of mine’ and expanded) with EFT and energy work, allowing you a lifeline in our coaching moments, so you can explore in a safe space, testing new ways of living your life.  Yes, you can jump in if you like…but small steps work just as well and usually better. 

I introduce you to sound healing techniques with toning and tuning forks (remember tuning forks from elementary school?) .  We explore healing and expanding work with your chakras and breathwork, and how to use crystals, essential oils, and herbs for teas that are healthy for you.

I show you how to reignite your own intuitive processes…they are still there, you know…all women have them!  These are just a few of the many tools for your Wise Woman toolkit!  But we travel at your pace, incorporating what modalities and tools work for you.

As you begin to get a real sense of who you are and what you want for your life, you will also discover a yearning to help heal the planet, a ‘greener’ life, a way to promote peace around the world. You will find that as you change for the better, so will the life around you, your community, your world and our children.


Your Grand Essence steps out into your grand life as you live fully from the “Grand” Mother Wisdom (please know you don't have to have children of your own) ---the beautiful Wise WomanSoul that you are,  for the healing of our sweet earth, for our children, their children and their children's children.... You have a grand reason for living gloriously for the rest of your life; and it's not just about us!

                                                   Are you ready?

You can do this….come, retreat with me.


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